Every business is unique. Because of this, accounting needs vary. To meet your company's needs, FFS provides a suite of services certain to fulfill the requirements of virtually any small business.

Please review the list below. And if something you need is missing, please don't hesitate to call and ask why our services are well-matched with your needs. And if we can't do it, we certainly know who can.


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Setup Bookkeeping Systems (manual and automated)

If you determine you want to use a manual or hand-posted bookkeeping system, I will design Excel worksheets tailored to meet your needs or set up the old-fashioned ledger pages for you. This service would include creating a Chart of Accounts, Journals (original books of entering transactions), the General Ledger (final books of entering transactions) and Subsidiary Ledgers (books of analysis).

If you determine you want to use an automated system for your bookkeeping, I am a QuickBooks Specialist who can set up your QB system for you on your computer for someone else to do the bookkeeping, or I can create an account for you on my own QB system on my computer for me to do your bookkeeping.

Rates for setting up a bookkeeping system range from $200.00-$500.00, depending on the size of your business or organization.

Internal Audits

Internal auditing is a process of reviewing and analyzing your books to substantiate balances in the general ledger. This is done by comparing each material asset and liability balance to an outside source; identifying and researching anomalies in the Sales, Cost of Sales, and Expense accounts; and reviewing each account balance with an eye for improvement.

Rates for internal audits are $50.00 per hour.

NOTE: Because I am not a Certified Public Accountant, I cannot perform Independent Audits.

Financial Statement Preparation and Analysis

Going beyond the trial balance by preparing a balance sheet, income and expense statement, payroll reports, etc., and providing analysis on how to grow your business or organization and improve profitability. Learning what your current ratio and your net worth are will greatly assist you in making decisions for your business or organization.

Rates for financial statement preparation and analysis are $50.00 per hour.


Bookkeeping Services

I am a Professional Bookkeeper who offers full-charge services. This means I maintain and handle all books through the adjusted trial balance, record assets, leases and expenditures and perform the monthly bank reconciliation, analyze and correct current-period errors in the general ledger, run the payroll, file the federal and state payroll tax returns and compute deposits.

Rates for bookkeeping are $35.00 per hour


Bookkeeper Training

For either type of bookkeeping system, I can provide on-site bookkeeper training to help improve understanding and skills. Or this can be done via teleconferencing or a webinar (Skype).
Rates for training are $35.00 per hour.

Budget Coaching
Do you need personal or family budget coaching? I can help you set up a sensible budget and provide guidance on following your plan.
Rates for budget coaching are $25.00 per hour.

Event Speaker on Biblical Principles of Money Management (business, personal, family, church, school, charity, etc.)

The Bible has much to say about money and how to use this commodity wisely to meet our practical needs and to glorify God…whether rich or poor! Following Biblical principles of giving, saving and spending will always result in spiritual blessings-which are more valuable than large bank accounts! I would enjoy sharing on this topic in a seminar format, main speaker format, or other.
Rates for event speaker honorarium are negotiable, but must include travel, lodging and meal costs.

And more

Do not hesitate to contact me if you have questions or ideas of how I can help you or others!

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